How we can help


For Organisations which would like us to source a candidate for them:

AIESEC UK LTD offers sourcing, relocation and acclimation assistance for those who don’t already have a candidate in mind for an internship, training or entry-level role via the Global Talent Program.

To learn more about the Global Talent Program, you may visit this page or contact either: Maria ( or Rebecca (

For candidates who do not already have a job offer:

  1. You can check out to see if any of our partner organisations have open roles (via the AIESEC Global Talent Program) in the UK. Please note that these roles are only open to those who have spent less than 2 years total in the UK over the last 10 years.

  2. You can request a letter explaining your potential right to work in the UK under our visa sponsorship. You may view a sample of this letter here.

  3. If can arrange a meeting between AIESEC UK and any potential employers by using this link and inserting the potential employers contact information. Just make sure to leave your name as a reference so we know who we're speaking on behalf of, and please get permission from your potential employer to do so.

Please note that we do not find individual candidates jobs, and (outside of the letter mentioned in option 2 above) we can only offer assistance to those who have already found their own job offers, either via or their own job search.

For candidates who have a job offer or for organisations who would like our sponsorship services:

We run two exchange programs for internationals who are coming to the UK to work in a professional, post-graduate or internship role: the Access Tier 5 Program, and the Global Talent Program.

Global Talent Program: Recommended for candidates who have never lived or worked in the UK before. Services include:

Home Country Support from AIESEC in the country the candidate has lived in longest including:

  • Administration of the Initial and Exit Leadership Development Assessment (assess his leadership skills in 4 key area, and his growth in those areas over the duration of his experience)

  • Personal Goal Setting, which helps him to design an action plan for using his role in the UK to grow in one of these 4 areas

  • Outgoing preparation seminar, helps him understand what it's like to be an American living abroad

  • Debrief with AIESEC in the home country after his experience and the chance to work with AIESEC US when he returns home

Host Country Support from AIESEC UK:

  • Assistance with setting up housing

  • 5 days in a hostel when he arrives, covered by AIESEC UK (valued at £100+)

  • Pickup at the airport or Kings Cross station (or another pre-agreed location)

  • Help traveling to work on the first day

  • Socials with other AIESEC trainees which will hopefully help him build a community, which can be quite hard to build organically when only being in the UK for a short period

  • Incoming Preparation Seminar, including information about how to set up a National Insurance Number

  • Free simcard upon arrival (if needed)

  • Assistance setting up a bank account

  • Visa sponsorship administration and Visa application support

Access Tier 5 Program: Recommended for candidates who have lived or worked in the UK before, or who are over 30 years old. Services include:

  • Visa sponsorship administration and Visa application support

For us to advise if an international candidate fits into our sponsorship programme, we require employers or their representative to complete the Initial Assessment Form and send it together with the below documents to Nadhrah Rafiq on

  • Candidate's notary translated degree certificate & transcripts

  • Detail page of candidate's passport and any UK visas held

  • Completed Initial Assessment Form

  • If an employer is not a Tier 2 sponsor, we also require a copy of their Employers' Liability Insurance, latest audited accounts and PAYE reference number

Once, the Initial Assessment application and relevant documents are submitted for the assessment, we will confirm within 2 working days if the individual is eligible for sponsorship. If the initial assessment is successful, we will automatically register both, the migrant and the employer onto our programme, thereby invoicing the employer for a one-off registration fee of £600 (+VAT.) Please note, should the initial assessment application not be successful, there would be no charge

Post-registration, we will ask for the below documentation to be signed and returned for us.


Time Frame

Provided all the documents are in line and the verification checks have been successful, we will issue a Certificate of Sponsorship within 2-5 working days with which the individual would need to apply for a Tier 5 Visa.

We do not accept applications for someone who intends to apply within the UK if they are within two weeks of the expiry of their Tier 4 (student) visa.

documents signing.jpeg


The Certificate of Sponsorship fee is dependent on the length of the internship. We will confirm the fees once the initial application is successful.

The maximum cost for the Access Tier 5 program is £1800.

The maximum cost for the Global Talent Program is £2000.

For more on fees associated with the Access Tier 5 program, see this page.